theory testHow to study for your theory test

When studying for your Theory Test, we would recommend:

  • a copy of The Highway Code
  • a copy of the DSA’s guide to the Theory Test
  • a copy of the DSA’s Hazard Perception training DVD
  • a basic book of road signage

Searching for “driving theory practice” online can also give you access to lots of websites where you can practice theory test questions for free. (We do not recommend websites which require sign-up or payment for these services.) There is also a selection of driving theory test apps that can be downloaded for smartphones on the iTunes store and Android Marketplace.

Which books to get (links to

How long does studying take?

Everybody is different! Many pupils find the Driver Theory Test difficult and we advise lots of practice online before attending a test centre.

Harry is happy to provide training sessions to help with the studying for the Driver Theory Test, including question and answer sessions and practical drives to identify what qualifies as a hazard.