West Lothian Driving Lesson Prices

C U R R E N T   D E A L S !

New customers can now enjoy their first 2 hour lesson (normally £50.00) for the price of one – £25.00!

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  • Hourly price £25.00
  • Block booking 6 hours £145.00
  • Block booking 10 hours £230.00
  • Pass Plus (6 hours) £145.00

Note: although 1 hour lessons are available, it is recommended that pupils book 2 hour lessons.

2 hour lessons:

  • Enable pupils to gain more experience behind the wheel
  • Help to build essential problem solving skills for everyday driving
  • Promote confidence

How many lessons are required?

There is no legal minimum number of driving lessons required for the practical test in the UK.

The DSA states that new learners take (on average) 40 hours of driving lessons with a qualified instructor (i.e. not Mum or Dad or the long-suffering spouse!) before they are ready to sit the practical test. It is also common for pupils to sit their driving test and then return to their instructor for motorway lessons or Pass Plus.

Every pupil is different and the key to success is confidence!